Notizen .NET


Languages: English, German, French, Russian, Spanish, Chinese

another useful program, maybe better than mine


  • File Encryption ( 100% insecure :/ )
  • put notes on the desktop
  • autosize for notes on the desktop
  • RTF/TXT export
  • save on a ftp server with one click
  • Save notes in a tree instead of a list
  • saved files are compressed
  • increase/decrease (whole/selected) textsize with one click
  • many keyboard shortcuts
  • autosave every (60,...) Seconds
  • autosave an amount of old versions of your file
  • insert pictures
  • Fontcolors of tree and notes
  • collect all notes in one note
  • search text in the whole tree
  • drag'n drop feature for moving treenodes
  • copy parts of the tree, then open another file and insert
  • open lately opened files with one click from menu
  • import files from "intellibit notes"